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Active Variables

In OpenDataDSL, active variables provide a way to interact with the database and services to help you collect, validate, manage and report on your data.

Data Status

Data Status values allow us to add more information about an individual observation in a TimeSeries or Curve.

Handling Missing Values

This article explains how you can control how statistical functions in OpenDataDSL deal with missing values.

Naming Conventions

An explanation of the method used for naming entities in ODSL.

Period Codes

A period code represents an absolute or relative delivery period for some commodity or financial future

Precision And Rounding

This article explains how you can control the decimal precision and rounding method in your scripts


Country Codes

A helpful list of country ISO codes, capitals cities and international telephone direct dial prefixes

Currency Codes

A helpful list of currency ISO codes

States of the U.S.A.

A helpful list of USA state codes and other information.