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Welcome to the OpenDataDSL Documentation
Go beyond the basics - more than a data feed and curve builder

Dive into the documentation

Make the most of your Proof of Concept

A selection of topics to help you make the most of your time getting to understand all aspects of the OpenDataDSL platform

Includes a concepts topic that introduces you to the concepts and terminology used throughout the platform and documentation

Read/Write MongoDB data In Excel

Create, read and update all your data in MongoDB Atlas directly from within your own Excel spreadsheets

Available for both desktop and web Excel

Make the most of your MongoDB data

Create data models that help you navigate your MongoDB Atlas data like never before - search, browse and visualise documents and timeseries

Get a complete view of every document and make it easy for your business to fully exploit them

Geo-Tag any data!

Take your data visualisation to the next level by geo-tagging your documents; filter on any properties and drill down to data-mine any linked information

Bring your data to life and make locational data easy to use

Powerful scripting language

Let your creativity shine with our easy yet powerful scripting language. Use our VS Code extension to make coding easy with intellsense, syntax highlighting, code snippets, breakpoints and debugging

Perform aggregations like this one with ease!