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What is OpenDataDSL?

OpenDataDSL is THE Data Management Programming Language - the tool that makes managing data easy!

The OpenDataDSL components and API's let you quickly and seamlessly build your own world-scale data management platform in the cloud. We load any data that can be freely distributed and make it available to you - you can model, collect, load, check and report on any data you own or subscribe to using the same tools and user experience.

NEW - Proof of Concept Topics!

If you are running a Proof of Concept - Check out our guides to get you started HERE


Getting started with ODSL

Ease your way into programming with ODSL with a simple tutorial that walks through the language basics

Create a Smart Curve

This tutorial introduces you to Smart Curves and walks you through creating curves in ODSL or REST API calls

Searching using the find command

This guide details the syntax of the find command and shows many examples of using it

Create a custom local SQL Server loader

This tutorial takes a detailed look at subscribing to some data in OpenDataDSL which will trigger a message to be sent to a queue. We will write a client side C# application to listen for those messages and load the data into a local SQL Server

Working with TimeSeries in OpenDataDSL

This tutorial explores a few aspects of TimeSeries in the OpenDataDSL language

Working with Data Environments

This tutorial teaches you about data environments and how to use them

Discover OpenDataDSL

Follow these Quick Discovery Guides to familiarise yourself with OpenDataDSL

A brief introduction to the features and ecosystem of OpenDataDSL with an overview of what OpenDataDSL can do and how it works.

An overview on how to prepare, send, and update your data, along with guidance on how to automate data loading and data environments.

A guide on how to integrate both the public data and your proprietary data into other cloud systems or your local database infrastructure.

Learn how you can personalize your users' experience with a custom domain, company logo and colour scheme.

Discover how you can build scripts and workflows to automate tasks and use processes to configure and trigger them.

Discover the infrastructure that powers OpenDataDSL and the options available for you to optimise performance.

We take security seriously. Take some time to check our security basics and recommendations, including system users, roles and other best practices.

Find solutions to specific problems, discover practical examples of what OpenDataDSL can do, and find inspiration for your data management experience.

An overview of how you can use our machine learning features to categorise and forecast data or apply business rules for event-driven automation of tasks.

Choose one of our QuickStart Tracks to gain some practical, real-world experience of using OpenDataDSL.