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Excel Add-in

Our free Microsoft Excel Add-in is a Microsoft approved Office 365 Add-in available from the Microsoft store. It can be used with both the Desktop version and Web version of Excel.


  • Create, read and update Objects
  • Create, read and update Timeseries
  • Create, read and update Forward Curves
  • Create, read and update Events

Products supported

  • Excel 2019 or later on Mac
  • Excel on Mac (Microsoft 365)
  • Excel on Windows (Microsoft 365)
  • Excel on the web


To add the OpenDataDSL Add-in to your Office 365 Excel:

1 Go to the Insert tab and select Get Add-ins

2 In the Office Add-ins dialog, select STORE and in the search box and type opendatadsl

3 Click the Add button to add it to your Excel

4 Go to the Home tab and you should now see an OpenDataDSL Show Dashboard button

First time log-in

The first time you click on the Show Dashboard button you will be asked to log in. You should log in using the same corporate credentials you use to log into the ODSL Web Portal.

Using the Excel Add-in

To show/hide the OpenDataDSL add-in task pane, use the Show Dashboard button available on the Home tab.


The toolbar contains commands to help you work with your data

homeNavigates to the home screen
createContains commands to create new ODSL objects, timeseries, curves, and events
downloadContains commands to download ODSL objects, timeseries, curves, and events
uploadUpload new or updated data
refreshRefresh the data in your spreadsheet
settingsAdd-in settings
userCurrent user profile picture. The drop-menu contains commands to logout and to view copyright information
objectObject or document data
timeseriesTimeseries data
curveForward curve data
eventEvent data

Finding Data

From the home screen in the dashboard, click one of Timeseries, Curves, Events or Objects and type your search query into the search box to get a list of items. Entering further search terms will narrow down the items

In-Depth Information

Working with Objects

Objects in OpenDataDSL are the top level structures that contain information and links to all its associated data.

In-Depth Information

Working with TimeSeries

In-Depth Information

Working with Curves

In-Depth Information

Working with Events

In-Depth Information

Excel Functions

In-Depth Information