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Discovery Guides - Personalisation
This discovery guide gives you an overview about how you can personalize your users' experience with a custom domain, company logo and colour scheme.

What is Personalisation

OpenDataDSL is designed from the ground up to allow you to white label all the user applications, tools and documentation in order that you can present them to your own enterprise users as your own product.

Using a product which reflects the identity of your own company instills a feeling of ownership and helps users adopt new software and ways of working.

Custom Domain

You can utilise your own custom domain or sub-domain name as the home location for the web portal and documentation. So, instead of your users navigating to

They can navigate to a more memorable name which is a sub-domain of your companies own website, e.g.

Logo and Scheme

Another important personalisation you can do is to set the logo on all the applications to your own company logo.

And finally, you can set the colour scheme of the applications and documentation to match your own corporate colours.