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API Developer

QuickStart Track

This quickstart track will help you learn the OpenDataDSL API's and build your own applications.


Welcome to the OpenDataDSL API developer quickstart track!

Here you will start with the fundamentals of using the OpenDataDSL services including security. We will then do a deep-dive into some of the services, following up with running processes and using the real-time services to follow their progress. We will end with subscribing to data updates using message queues.

In each module, we will give examples in various languages and all the code for these examples are available in our GitHub repositories as shown below:

LanguageGitHub Repository Link


This quickstart track requires some preparation in order to follow along with the content.

Language specific preparation

Although not a language, the REST tabs in this series give you a good idea of the raw requests that the other examples are making. It is also great for testing requests and evaluating the responses.

For submitting REST requests, it is a good idea to use one of the many great tools - below are a few of our favourites: