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Realtime Services

An API reference guide to the realtime services


OpenDataDSL allows you to listen to server-side events that you can use to trigger client-side actions such as:

  • Update the view in a GUI
  • Run a local process

It uses SignalR which is a free and open-source library available from Microsoft which is used for building real-time web applications.


We expose a number of server-side methods which are detailed in this section.


Master Data (object)OnObjectCreate, OnObjectUpdate, OnObjectDelete
Data (data)OnDataCreate, OnDataUpdate, OnDataDelete
Events (event)OnEventCreate, OnEventUpdate, OnEventDelete
Curve Management (curve)OnCurveCreate, OnCurveUpdate, OnCurveDelete, OnCurveMessage
Calendars (calendar)OnCalendarCreate, OnCalendarUpdate, OnCalendarDelete
Expiry Calendars (expiry)OnExpiryCreate, OnExpiryUpdate, OnExpiryDelete



This method is triggered by a running process at one of the following stages:

  • The process starts running
  • The process completes
  • A new workflow phase starts
  • A workflow phase ends
  • The workflow goes into a retry phase
  • The workflow goes into a reschedule phase
  • The process doesn’t exist
  • The process throws an exception

The execution message contains the latest full execution log for a running process.