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User Guides

Web Portal

The OpenDataDSL Web Portal is accessed from here using a web browser or mobile device. It is the primary access point for OpenDataDSL where you can:

  • Monitor process executions
  • Browse for data, chart and export it
  • Create data subscriptions for integrating into your infrastructure
  • Check audit logs
  • Log issues, enhancements and much more

Excel Add-in

The Excel Add-in allows you to read and write objects and data from within Microsoft Excel on the Office 365 platform.

  • Search for data
  • Create, update and download
    • Objects
    • TimeSeries
    • Curves
    • Events

VSCode extension for editing ODSL files

The VSCode extension allows you to work with the ODSL language with features such as:

  • Syntax highlighting to make code easier to read
  • Intellisense to help you code
  • Problem highlighting to make fixing bugs easier
  • Hover information to help you understand syntax and variables
  • Debug ODSL files and examine variables as you step through the code

Command Line Interface

The OpenDataDSL command line interface or CLI allows you to:

  • Run ODSL scripts from the command line
  • Create an interactive session working with ODSL