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OpenDataDSL Language

Detailed developer and syntax guide for the OpenDataDSL (ODSL) language and variable types


The ODSL language is a simple language, similar to basic, with some special extensions and structures that make it easy to build your own custom data modelling, management and reporting platform.

This guide is broken into easy to follow sections that describe the syntax and give you plenty of examples to try out yourself.

If you haven’t already done so, download and install Microsoft VS Code and our ODSL Extension in order to make editing and debugging ODSL files easier

ODSL Tutorials

A set of tutorials helping you to get acquainted with the OpenDataDSL language


A detailed guide to the ODSL commands


An in-depth description of all the built-in variable types


An OpenDataDSL guide to the built-in functions that can be used in your code

Aggregation Stages

An OpenDataDSL guide to the MongoDB aggregation stages

Language Glossary

A cheat-sheet of the OpenDataDSL keywords and language syntax