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Target - Azure Blob

The Azure Blob target is used to write data to:

  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

Azure Storage Configuration

In order for our application to create and update blobs in your Azure storage container, you need to add a role assignment to the OpenDataDSL application.

Adding an access role

To give access, perform the following:

  • In the Azure Portal, navigate to the Storage Account you want to use
  • Select Access Control (IAM)
  • Click 'Add Role Assignment' from the dropdown add button
  • Select 'Storage Blob Data Contributor' and click 'Next'
  • Click 'Select members'
  • Type 'OpenDataDSL' in the search box and select the application and click 'Select'
  • Click 'Review + assign' (twice)
  • You can optionally add a condition to the role to limit the container or path that the application has access to

Configuring a subscription target

The name of this target is BlobTarget

To configure the write blob action, you need to provide the following:

  • storage

    The url of the storage container

  • adls

    A boolean - true if this is an Azure Data Lake Storage GEN 2 container

  • container

    The name of the container in the configured Azure Storage Account

  • path

    The optional path to place the blob into


To add a blob target to an existing subscription:

  • Select Subscriptions
  • Find the subscription you want to add the target to.
  • Click the + button next to targets
  • Select BlobTarget
  • Fill out the storage, adls, container and path fields appropriately
  • Click the save button