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Command Line Interface


The OpenDataDSL command line interface or CLI allows you to

  • Run ODSL scripts from the command line
  • Create an interactive session working with ODSL

Getting Started

The CLI is included in the java SDK, download the jar file from Maven Central Repository

Interactive Mode

To use the CLI in interactive mode, simply run the odsl without any arguments. When you see the ODSL prompt, type in your command, pressing enter will execute your command.

Run odsl at a command prompt

java -jar {path to odsl-sdk jar file}


--session--session /temp/odsl.jsonLoads in the variables from a previous session and saves the session at the end

Multi-line commands

If you want to enter multiple lines of commands, end each line with a /, then the next time you don't end the line with a / the entire set of commands will be executed.


for i=1 to 10/
print i/

Saving and reloading variables

You can use the --session option to automatically load and save session variables, but you can also do this manually. You can utilise the Memory Service to save and reload sessions, e.g.


save ${memory:"/temp/session.json"}


mem = ${memory:"/temp/session.json"}

Finishing the session

To finish the session and exit back to the command prompt, press ctrl-c

Script Mode

To run a script, simply pass the script path and name as an argument to the CLI.

For example if you have a script in the /temp directory called test.odsl, you can call:

java -jar {path to odsl-sdk jar file} /temp/test.odsl