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Subject based tutorials and getting started guides

QuickStart Guides

OpenDataDSL Developer

Take this track to learn how to code in the OpenDataDSL programming language.

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MongoDB User

Take this track to learn how to connect and use your MongoDB data.

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API Developer

Take this track to learn the OpenDataDSL API's and build your own applications.

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Coding with ODSL

Getting started with ODSL

Ease your way into programming with ODSL with a simple tutorial that walks through the language basics

Searching using the find command

This guide details the syntax of the find command and shows many examples of using it


Create a custom local SQL Server loader

This tutorial takes a detailed look at subscribing to some data in OpenDataDSL which will trigger a message to be sent to a queue. We will write a client side C# application to listen for those messages and load the data into a local SQL Server

Working with

Working with Smart Curves in OpenDataDSL

This tutorial explores a using SmartCurves in the OpenDataDSL language, REST API and the Web Portal

Working with TimeSeries in OpenDataDSL

This tutorial explores a few aspects of TimeSeries in the OpenDataDSL language

Working with Data Environments

This tutorial teaches you about data environments and how to use them