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Daily Offset Calendar

A daily offset calendar is a simple calendar that represents every calendar day but with a predetermined start point of the day


Standard daily calendars always start at 00:00:00, this calendar allows you to provide an hour of the day which represents the start time of the day.

Creating a daily offset calendar

To create a daily offsey calendar use the OffsetDailyCalendar function as shown below:

cal = OffsetDailyCalendar(timezone, dayoffset, hour)



A UK Power calendar which starts at 23:00 on the previous day using the timezone 'Europe/London'

UKPOWER = OffsetDailyCalendar("Europe/London", -1, 23)

A European GASDAY calendar which starts at 06:00 on the previous day using the timezone 'Europe/Paris'

GASDAY = OffsetDailyCalendar("Europe/Paris", 0, 6)


Scaling a half-hourly series to average daily with the start of the day at 23:00 on the previous day

UKPOWER = OffsetDailyCalendar("Europe/London", -1, 23)
s = scale(e, UKPOWER, 'averaged')

Further Information