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Custom Calendar Examples

A set of examples that showcase the flexibility of the calendars in OpenDataDSL

Only Weekends

This calendar is the opposite of a business calendar where only the weekends are included days

// Create a weekend only calendar
WEEKEND = HolidayCalendar() = "Weekends only"
WEEKEND.addRule("Every Monday")
WEEKEND.addRule("Every Tuesday")
WEEKEND.addRule("Every Wednesday")
WEEKEND.addRule("Every Thursday")
WEEKEND.addRule("Every Friday")
save ${calendar:WEEKEND}

Half-Hourly Weekend Only

This example builds on the example above by breaking the weekend only into 1/2 hourly intervals

// Create a Half Hourly, weekend only calendar
HHWEEKEND = IntradayCalendar(30m, WEEKEND) = "Half-hourly calendar on weekends only" 
save ${calendar:HHWEEKEND}