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Date Service

Create and utilise dates

Assignment - creating a date

To use the date service to create a new date, use the Active Variable assign statement syntax as shown below:

var = ${date:"\[calendar\]/key"}


  • var is the name of the variable to create
  • date is the name of the service
  • calendar is an optional calendar to use defaulting to daily
  • key is the key which defines what date to assign to the variable

The following assignment keys are available (case-insensitive):

nowThe current day and time
today or {empty}The current backwards aligned day using the supplied calendar
yesterdayThe day prior to today according to the supplied calendar
tomorrowThe day after today according to the supplied calendar
named, e.g. mondayThe next or current named day
ISO DateThe supplied parsed absolute date i.e. doesn’t use the supplied calendar
ISO Date TimeThe supplied parsed absolute date time
Period CodeThe start date of the supplied period code

All dates in OpenDataDSL are stored in the UTC timezone