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Event Service

The event service allows you to read all the events in the system


The event service is the interface for the event repository.

Events are either:

  • Public - they are available to everybody and maintained by OpenDataDSL
  • Private - they are proprietary and only available to you and your colleagues

An event is always connected to a Master Data Record (Object)

Finding events

You use the find command to find events in the system.

Using the event property

You would usually use the event property in the query to filter to the specific event list you want to find, e.g.

find ${event:public} where event = "#ABN.FX:SPOT"

Using a date range

You can filter the objects by eventtime - the time the event is recorded for.

find ${event:public} 
where event = "#ABN.FX:SPOT"
and eventtime >= "2024-06-03"
and eventtime <= "2024-06-07"

You can also filter the objects by eventstart and eventend - the time period the event represents.

find ${event:public} 
and eventstart >= "2024-01-01"
and eventend <= "2024-01-31"

Creating events

An example of creating some metrics, adding onto a Master Data Record and saving

// Create the temperature metric
evtemp = Event(${date:"now"})
evtemp.eventtype = "#Metric"
evtemp.type = "temperature"
evtemp.value = 14 = ObjectId()

// Create the humidity metric
evhum = Event(${date:"now"})
evhum.eventtype = "#Metric"
evhum.type = "humidity"
evhum.value = 25 = ObjectId()

// Add the events to an object and save it
s9754 = new Object()
s9754.MESSAGE = [evtemp, evhum]
save ${object:s9754}