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London Energy Brokers' Association


The London Energy Brokers' Association was formed in 2003 in affiliation with the European Venues and Intermediaries Association (previously the Wholesale Markets Brokers' Association) to represent wholesale markets broking firms active in the Over the Counter (OTC) and exchange traded UK and liberalised European energy markets.

These brokers intermediate and facilitate bilateral contracts to be concluded between banks, trading houses, commercial enterprises, public utilities and integrated energy businesses, providing liquidity and price discovery to these markets as well as contributing significant liquidity to European exchange traded markets. The major products that they deal in include crude oil and refined petroleum products, gas, electricity, coal and emissions. More than $2 trillion worth of energy is traded through LEBA brokers each year, with data from the broker market helping to drive energy markets throughout the world.

The Association currently collates and publishes price indices in respect of Carbon, European and UK Gas and Power and Coal and full details of these can be found in our Market Data section.

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LEBA European Gas Prompt Indices