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Data Catalog
This page contains a list of all the data providers we supply data loaders available NOW

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LogoProviderData Sets
Agriculture and Horticulture Development BoardUnited Kingdom Dairy Wholesale Monthly Prices
ArgusNatural Gas
Australian Energy Market OperatorElectricity Generation,Transportation and Consumption Data
Bank Negara MalaysiaCentral Bank of Malaysia FX Rates against MYR
Bank of CanadaBank of Canada Daily Exchange Rates against CAD
Bank of ChinaBank of China Daily Exchange Rates against CNY
Bank of EnglandBank of England FX Rates against GBP
Sterling Overnight Interbank Average Rate Daily
Bank of New ZealandBank of New Zealand Spot Exchange Rates against NZD
Bank of South AfricaSouth African Reserve Bank Daily Exchange Rates against ZAR
Bharat Aluminium Company LimitedAluminium Prices Prices
Brazilian Sugarcane Industry AssociationBrazilian Sugarcane industry Production Reports
Central Eastern European Gas ExchangeHungary Natural Gas Prices
Central Electricity Authority India Power GenerationElectricity Generation,Transportation and Consumption Data
Central European Gas HubCentral European Gas Hub Natural Gas Day Ahead Prices
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group IncFutures Global Dairy TradeNew Zealand Fonterra Coop Market Prices
Dalian Commodity ExchangeDalian Commodity Exchange Agricultural Futures
DataHub.ioGeojson polygons for all the world’s countries
Deutscher WetterdienstGerman Weather Service Daily and Forecast Updates
Dubai Mercantile Exchange LimitedCrudes Futures
Elia Transmission BelgiumElia Belgium Power Imbalance Prices
EuronextEuronext Agricultural Futures
European Central BankECB Reference rates against the Euro
ECB Euro interest rates
European overnight lending reference rates
European Energy Exchange AGEuropean Energy Exchange Agricultural Indices
European Energy Exchange Power Spot and Futures
European Energy Exchange Natural Gas Spot and Futures
European Energy Exchange Emission Spot and Futures
European Network of Transmission System OperatorsElectricity Generation,Transportation and Consumption Data
European Power ExchangeEuropean Power Exchange Power Spot
EurostatEurostat Selling Prices of Agricultural Products
Federal Reserve BoardEffective Federal Funds Rate Over Night by the Federal Reserve Board
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United NationsFood Price Monitoring and Analysis Agricultural Statistics
Gas Infrastructure EuropeGas Infrastructure Europe Gas Storage Data
Gestore Mercati EnergeticiGestore Mercati Energetici Italy Natural Gas DayAhead Prices
Hellenic Energy Exchange S.AHellenic Energy Exchange Power Day Ahead Prices
Hungarian Derivative Energy ExchangeHungarian Derivative Energy Exchange Power Natural Gas Futures
Hungarian Power ExchangeHungarian Power Exchange Power Hourly Day Ahead Market
Independent Bulgarian Energy ExchangeIndependent Bulgarian Energy Exchange Power Day Ahead Prices
Independent Commodity Intelligence ServicesFutures
Indian Energy ExchangeElectricity Day ahead MArket Price
Intercontinental ExchangePower Futures,Gas Futures
Italian Power Exchange (GME)Italian Power Exchange (GME) Power Futures
Joint Allocation OfficeJoint Allocation Office Actions Day Ahead Prices
London Energy Brokers' AssociationNatural Gas Futures
Malaysian Palm Oil BoardPalm Oil Prices
Matba Rofex SAMercado a Term de Buenos Aires SA Rosario Board of Trade Agricultural Futures
MibgasThe Iberian Gas Market Natural Gas Futures
Minneapolis Grain ExchangeMinneapolis Grain Exchange Agricultural Futures
National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange LimitedNational Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Agricultural Futures
Nord PoolPower Day Ahead
Operatorul Pietei de Energie Electrica si Gaze NaturaleThe operator of the Electric Energy and Natural Gas Market Day Ahead Prices
OTE Czech Electricity and Gas Market OperatorOTE Czech Electricity and Gas Market Operator Czech Power Day Ahead Prices
Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland InterconnectionLocational Marginal Pricing,Electricity Generation,Transportation and Consumption Data
Polish Power ExchangePolish Power Exchange Power Futures
Polish Power Exchange Natural Gas Futures
Power Exchange Central EuropePower Exchange Central Europe Power Futures
Power Exchange Central Europe Natural Gas Futures
Reserve Bank Of IndiaReserve Bank Of India Daily Exchange Rates against INR
S&P Global PlattsOil Derivatives
Natural Gas
Short-term electricity Market OperatorShort-term electricity Market Operator Slovakia Power Day Ahead Prices
SouthPool Energy Exchange PowerSouthPool Energy Exchange Power Day Ahead Prices
State Bank of PakistanState Bank of Pakistan Daily Exchange Rates against PKR
TenneTTenneT Netherlands Power Imbalance Prices
The Commodity Futures Trading CommissionCommitment of Traders
The Iberian Energy Derivatives ExchangeThe Iberian Energy Derivatives Exchange Power Futures
The Iberian Energy Derivatives Exchange Natural Gas Futures
The International Monetary FundThe International Monetary Fund Agriculture Spot and Index Price
The Multi Commodity Exchange of India LimitedThe Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited Commodity Futures
The United States Department of AgricultureThe United States Department of Agriculture Production, Dairy Products Summary Monthly
The Wall Street JournalAgricultural Futures
US Energy Information AdministrationUS Energy Information Administration Natural Gas Prices
ZuivelNLDutch dairy supply-chain quotations