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Getting Started


Log into the portal

This first stage of getting started is to log into the portal using your corporate identity (Microsoft Active Directory Login Credentials)

Portal - Click Sign In

After signing in, you will need to accept the terms of the application.

Company Details

After signing in, you will be asked a few details about your company. This is only needed to be done once, and can be edited later in the portal

Personal Details

You then need to give us a bit of information about yourself. Any other users from your company that sign in will also need to do this. This information can also be edited later in the portal.

User Interfaces

Web Portal

The web portal is a user-friendly web interface to the OpenDataDSL platform which can also be accessed from any mobile device.

Instructions for using the Web Portal

Excel Add-in

The Excel Add-in connects your Excel spreadsheets with the OpenDataDSL platform, allowing you to find and pull data into Excel as well as write data back.

Instructions for installing and using the Excel Add-in

VS Code Extension

The VSCode extension allows you to write, debug and execute code in our 4GL language - ODSL. It also allows you to upload scripts and report formats to the OpenDataDSL platform to use in processes, reports and SMART data.

Instructions for installing and using the VSCode extension