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Process Dashboard

The process dashboard is similar to the execution dashboard, but is focussed on the processes rather than the process executions. It gives you vital summary information about the executions of a specific process.


The process dashboard screen contains 3 sections

  • Process list - the list of all your processes
  • Configuration panel - configuration details for the currently selected process
  • Executions panel - interactive panel showing details about all the executions of the currently selected process

Process List

The process list section is a list of all your processes. You can use the search box to search for a specific process.


Click on process

Clicking on a process shows details about that process in the configuration panel and executions that have happened in the executions panel

Hover over a process, click on run button

Displays a process configuration dialog where you can amend the process configuration (if needed) and run the process.


Amending the configuration on this screen is only for that one manual run and not saved

Hover over a process, click on copy button

Copies the process name into the clipboard

Configuration Panel

This section shows information about the process:

NameThe name of the process
DescriptionA description of the process
ServiceThe service category of the process, e.g. ETL
StatusThe status of the process, either enabled or disabled
CalendarThe calendar associated with the process, if any
CronThe cron trigger expression used to schedule the process
Next runThe timestamp of when the next time this process will be run
WorkflowThe name of the workflow that this process runs
InputsThe inputs section shows all the variables that will be passed into the process

Executions Panel

The executions panel shows information about the historic executions of the currently selected process.

Execution summary

The execution summary section shows a summarised view with the following information:

  • A calendar month showing the days that the process ran and the status of the last run of that day
  • The total amount of processing time for this process for
    • The current month
    • The current year
    • All time
  • A chart showing the count of the number of runs broken down by status

Execution details

The execution details contain information about a specific process execution

StartedThe timestamp of when the process execution actually started
EndedThe timestamp of when the process execution completed
DurationThe amount of time, in seconds, that the execution ran for
StatusThe status of the process execution, if the process is complete, this is the final status
TriggerHow the process was triggered
Trigger timeIf the process is scheduled, this is the timestamp of when it was scheduled to run
ReasonThe reason why this process was executed
MessageThe status message of this execution
Loader messageIf this is an ETL process, this is details about what was loaded


This section breaks the process down into individual phases as determined by the workflow that has been run.

Each phase shows:

  • The phase status
  • Phase name
  • Logging information
  • Duration of the phase

Underneath the phases section is a button for you to show details about the TimeSeries and Curves that were updated during the process execution.


Click on a date in the calendar

Displays the last process execution of the selected date

Click on the up or down arrow above the calendar

Clicking up moves the calendar to the previous month.

Clicking down moves the calendar to the next month

Click the current selection button above the calendar

Moves the calendar to the date of the currently selected process execution

Click on the left or right arrow above the execution details

Clicking left shows the previous process execution for the selected date

Clicking left shows the next process execution for the selected date