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Command to create actions that can be used in workflows


varname = (action|gateway) in "category"

actionInput: in varname as declaredType ("desc")? (optional)?
actionOutput: out varname as declaredType ("desc")?
actionExit: exit "name" (, "name")*


A workflow action is a small block or snippet of code that performs a specific task and can be used in your own custom workflows. They can have input and output data and 1 or more exit transitions which can be configured in a workflow.

Explanation of the syntax
  • action or gateway - This command can create actions or gateways:
    • An action takes optional inputs, performs a task and creates optional outputs
    • A gateway takes an input and based on that input takes a specific exit transition
  • The category is a string that is used to place the action in a specific category
  • The comment on the first line of the action is used as the description of the action
  • Action inputs can have an optional directive
  • The action exits are simply string exit names, such as “ok” or “failed”


A simple send batch action

test_send_batch = action in "loaders"
// Send a batch of data to the server to be updated
in batch as Object "The batch to upload"
exit "ok","failed"

on error ignore
send input.batch
if error
return "failed"
return "ok"

// Save the action to the server
save ${action:test_send_batch}

An action to read an object from the object service

read_object = action in "general"
// Read an object
in id as Scalar "The ID of the object to read"
out obj as Object "The ODSL Object"
exit "ok", "failed"

on error ignore
if error
print error
return "failed"
return "ok"