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Used to rollback versions or delete items from the database


Standard form:

delete activevar (log string)?

Bulk delete form:

delete activevar (log string)? (where condition)?


In the standard form, it rolls back the version of an item from the database, the activevar item can be one of:

  • action
  • calendar
  • critical (future use)
  • curve
  • dashboard
  • data (curve, timeseries, matrix)
  • dataset (dataset, dataset_feed, dataset_delivery)
  • environment
  • event
  • expiry
  • extractor
  • index
  • object
  • policy
  • process
  • queue
  • reportconfig
  • report
  • script
  • secret
  • subscription
  • task
  • transformer
  • type
  • user
  • workflow

In bulk delete form, only the following services are supported:

  • object

You can specify the version number to delete with the activevar syntax: ${service:"resource":version}

The version can also be *, in which case it will fully delete the item from the database

The optional log option allows you to specify a reason for the deletion which is added to the audit log


// To rollback to the previous version
delete ${object:"TEST"}

// To rollback to the previous version, specifying an audit log message
delete ${script:"Test Script"} log "Removed TEST object"

// To delete a specific version
delete ${object:"TEST":1}

// To delete all versions
delete ${object:"TEST":*}