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Send a batch of objects to a message queue


send variable (to queue)? (size INT)? (-noevent)?


The send command sends a batch variable to a message queue in order to be processed by either the data loader or an external application.

If no queue name is specified, the batch is sent to your default queue.


TO queue

You can optional specify the name of the queue to send the batch to.


You can override the default number of items sent per message using the size command


Add this option if you don’t want to trigger downstream processes, exports etc. from the sending of this message. This would be usually done if you are back-filling some historic data and only require that the data is added.


// Create a batch

// Add some objects to the batch

// Send to the default queue
send batch

// Send the batch to the queue named 'myqueue'
send batch to myqueue

// Send the batch to the queue in batches of 10 objects at a time
send batch size 10

// Send the batch to update but not trigger downstream events
send batch -noevent