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Create an aggregation pipeline to group and summarise data


varname = aggregate service 

pipelineItem: (pipelineMatch|pipelineGroup|pipelineSort|NL|comment);
pipelineMatch: match (condition)+;
pipelineGroup: group assign (, assign)*;
pipelineSort: sort sortItem (, sortItem)*;
sortItem: (assign|varname (asc|desc)?);


The aggregate command creates an aggregation pipeline to group and summarise data from any service.

Explanation of the syntax
  • The match pipeline item allows you to filter out data using a condition clause
  • The group pipeline item groups or summarises data using one or more of the following summarising functions:
    • count() - counts the number of occurances
  • The sort pipeline item sorts the results according to the specified field and asc(ending) or desc(ending) order


The following example summarises the status of process executions filtered for a specific service

summary = aggregate ${exec}
match service="ETL"
group _id="$status", qty=count()
sort qty desc