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Runs a process remotely


run processname (with input)? (log reason)? (in delay TIMEUNIT)?


The run command remotely triggers a manual run of a process. You can optionally provide a variable with input run parameters, a reason log message that will be added to the audit log and a delay for when to run the process.


With input

You can optionally provide a variable with some input information which will override or provide specific context to the process, e.g.

// Run a curve
ondate = Object() = "2021-04-26"
run CURVE_TEST with ondate
Log reason

You can optionally give a reason for manually triggering a process, this will be logged in the audit log

In delay

You can optionally delay the starting of the process, e.g.

run MY_PROCESS in 1 hour

The timeunit parameter can be one of:

  • second
  • seconds
  • minute
  • minutes
  • hour
  • hours