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A row represents a single row of data usually associated with a row in a relational database table. A row is similar to an object in that it has dynamic properties except that you can only add Scalars or Dates as elements to a row


You use a constructor to create an empty row:

// Create an empty row
row = Row()


As with an object, you can dynamically add properties, but only of type Scalar or Date, e.g.

// Create an empty row
row = Row()
row.key = "1234-name" = "Name"

If you need to add a property to a row which is a reserved name like id, you can use the addColumn method e.g.

// Create an empty row
row = Row()
row.addColumn("id", 1234)


The following methods are available for a row:

NameDescriptionReturn Type
addColumn(name, value)Adds a column to a row with the supplied name and valuevoid