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Audit Service

The audit resource allows you to keep track of changes that have been made to other resources


The Audit REST API is a read-only API allowing you to search and filter the audit entries and accessed through the following URL:

The API consists of the following calls:

GETGet the build information for this service
GET{release}/{source}'v1/public' 'v1/private'List public or private audit entries
GET{release}/{source}/{key}v1/private/6090915ad6a48d0b3c4f663dRetrieve a single audit entry using it’s unique id


Audit Entry

The audit entry contains the following information:

_idUnique objectId for the audit entryObjectId
timestampThe UTC timestamp of when the event occurredDateTime
userThe user id/email of the user performing the eventString
serviceThe name of the service that performed the eventString
idThe id of the affected itemString
refA link to the affected itemString/Ref
versionThe version number of the affected/new itemInteger
actionThe action performed (CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE etc.)String
descriptionA description of the eventString
reasonThe user provided reason for the eventString
statusThe HTTP status of the event, e.g. 200Integer
changeDetails of what changedobject

Finding Audit Entries

Searching for audit entries

You can use the _search query parameter to pass in a search query string, it searches in the following fields:

  • _id
  • service
  • id
  • description
  • reason

NOTE: All searches are case-insensitive - for more information see Searching and Filtering

Filtering audit entries

You can use simple filtering using any of the field names of an audit entry or complex filters for e.g. timestamp ranges.

Examples of listing audit entries

Finding all audit entries for a specific service, e.g. calendar

Finding all entries for a specific resource of a service

Searching for audit entities using a search string version

Search using a search string within a date range
?_search=final version

Finding all audit entries from a certain date

Finding audit records for a specific service and resource within a date range