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Script Service

The script resource contains all the public and your own proprietary scripts.

The following types of scripts are supported:

  • ODSL language scripts
  • HTML snippets
  • CSS
  • Mustache template scripts


The Script REST API is a full CRUD API allowing you to search and filter scripts as well as update, version and delete them. It is accessed through the following URL:

The API consists of the following calls:

GETGet the build information for this service
GET{release}/{source}v1/public v1/privateList public or private scripts
GET{release}/{source}/{key}v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issueRetrieve a single script using its unique id - note private scripts saved from the VSCode extension contain the project and path names in the id
GET{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issue/1Retrieve a version of a single script
GET{release}/{source}/{key}/*v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issue/*Get a list of versions for a specific script
PUT{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}/{tag}v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issue/1/PRODTag a version with a name (which can be used instead of the version number when retrieving it)
POST{release}/{source}v1Create or update a script, the script configuration is the body of the POST request - note the actual script needs to be BASE64 encoded
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issueRollback to the previous version of a script, if it is the only version then the action will be deleted
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issue/1Delete a specific version of a script
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}/*v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issue/*Fully delete a script, including all versions


Script Entity

The script entity contains the following information:

_idUnique id for the scriptString
_typeThe type - always VarScriptString
categoryThe category of the scriptString
descriptionA description of the scriptString
scriptA base64 encoded String of the entire scriptString


{function}({params}...)netflow("IE","2023-08-01","2023-08-31")Runs a function within a script


### Get build info
GET {{url}}/script
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### List all public scripts
GET {{url}}/script/v1/public
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### List all public script names
GET {{url}}/script/v1/public?_distinct=_id
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### List all private scripts
GET {{url}}/script/v1/private
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### List all private script names
GET {{url}}/script/v1/private?_distinct=_id
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Get a private script
GET {{url}}/script/v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issue
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Get a private script version
GET {{url}}/script/v1/private/example-odsl\Reports\test_issue/1
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Get a public script
GET {{url}}/script/v1/public/%23StandardValidations
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Update a script
POST {{url}}/script/v1/private
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

"script":"base64 encoded script",
"description":"Example Description"

### Get script versions
GET {{url}}/script/v1/private/AAA/*
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Get a script version
GET {{url}}/script/v1/private/AAA/3
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Tag a script version
PUT {{url}}/script/v1/private/AAA/3/TEST
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Run a function in a script
GET {{url}}/script/v1/public/%23drs_widgets
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}