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Environment Service

Contains information about your data environments

Environment REST API

The Environment REST API is a full CRUD API allowing you to search and filter your data environments as well as create, update and delete them. It is accessed through the following URL:

The API consists of the following calls:

GETGet the build information for this service
GET{release}v1List all the environments
GET{release}/{key}v1/TESTRetrieve a single named environment using it’s unique id
POST{release}v1Create or update an environment. The JSON body of the POST request is a simple JSON object with at least an _id property
DELETE{release}/{key}v1/TESTDelete the environment - note this will completely remove the environment and all data in it - this cannot be performed on the ‘production’ environment


Environment Entity

The environment entity contains the following properties

_idUnique id for the data environmentString
descriptionThe name/description of the data environmentString
_createdbyThe user id (email) of the user that created the environmentString
_timestampThe timestamp of when the environment was createdString(DateTime)
_sizeThe size of the stored data in the environmentint
*Any other properties added when the environment was created or updatedAny