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Queue Service

The queue resource is used to manage message queues


The Queue REST API is a full CRUD API and is accessed through the following URL:

The API consists of the following calls:

GETGet the build information for this service
GET{release}v1List all your queues
GET{release}/{key}v1/TESTRetrieve a single queue using its name
POST{release}v1Create or update a queue, the queue configuration is the body of the POST request
DELETE{release}/{key}v1/TESTDelete a queue


Queue configuration

The queue configuration contains the following information:

queueUnique id for the queueString
descriptionA description of the process configurationString
retentionA duration string specifying the amount of time to retain messages on the queue, defaults to P14DString
timeoutA duration string specifying the amount of time a receiving client has to process a message before it is made available to other clients, defaults to PT1MString


### Get build info
GET {{url}}/queue
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Add a queue
POST {{url}}/queue/v1
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

"queue": "test2",
"description": "Test 2 queue",
"retention": "P7D",
"timeout": "PT5M"

### Get all queues
GET {{url}}/queue/v1
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Get a queue
GET {{url}}/queue/v1/default
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

### Delete a queue
DELETE {{url}}/queue/v1/secondQueue
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}