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Report Configuration Service

The report configuration service allows you to manage all your report configurations

Reportconfig REST API

The reportconfig REST API is a full CRUD API allowing you to search and filter report configurations as well as update, version and delete them. It is accessed through the following URL:

The API consists of the following calls:

GETGet the build information for this service
GET{release}/{source}'v1/public' 'v1/private'List public or private report configurations
GET{release}/{source}/{key}v1/private/TESTRetrieve a single report configuration using it’s unique id
GET{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}v1/private/TEST/1Retrieve a version of a single report configuration
GET{release}/{source}/{key}/*v1/private/TEST/*Get a list of versions for a specific report configuration
PUT{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}/{tag}v1/private/TEST/1/PRODTag a version with a name (which can be used instead of the version number when retrieving it)
POST{release}v1Create or update an report configuration, the report configuration is the body of the POST request
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}v1/private/TESTDelete a report configuration, this has the effect of rolling back to the previous version
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}v1/private/TEST/1Delete a version of a report configuration
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}/*v1/private/TEST/*Fully delete a report configuration, including all versions


Report Configuration

A report is based on a user defined configuration with the following properties:

_idUnique IdString
categoryThe user-defined category of the report used to organise reportsString
nameThe user-friendly name of the reportString
descriptionA description of the reportString
fixedA flag indicating that this report is manually updated rather than calculatedBoolean
dynamicA flag indicating that this report will be dynamically run for the latest report dateBoolean
scriptThe name of the script used to run this reportString
expressionThe expression to use to run this report, e.g. a function nameString
templateThe mustache template name used to format the results of the report as HTMLString
tagsA list of tags for the reportList
enabledA flag indicating that this report should be automatically run if a cron schedule is definedBoolean
cronA cron expression to schedule this reportString


Report configurations are versioned, so they also contain version information:

_versionThe auto-incrementing version numberInteger
_userThe user who created this versionString
_timestampThe timestamp of when this version was createdDate
_tagVersion tags used to identify this version by a user-friendly name, e.g. PRODList