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Extractor Service

The resource for using extractors to extract content from HTML pages

Extractor REST API

The Extractor REST API is a full CRUD API allowing you to search and filter extractors as well as update, version and delete them. It is accessed through the following URL:

The API consists of the following calls:

GETGet the build information for this service
GET{release}/{source}v1/public v1/privateList public or private extractors
GET{release}/{source}/{key}v1/private/TESTRetrieve a single extractor using it’s unique id
GET{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}v1/private/TEST/1Retrieve a version of a single extractor
GET{release}/{source}/{key}/*v1/private/TEST/*Get a list of versions for a specific extractor
PUT{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}/{tag}v1/private/TEST/1/PRODTag a version with a name (which can be used instead of the version number when retrieving it)
POST{release}v1Create or update an extractor, the extractor is the body of the POST request
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}v1/private/TESTRollback to the previous version of an extractor, if it is the only version then the extractor will be deleted
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}/{version}v1/private/TEST/1Delete a specific version of an extractor
DELETE{release}/{source}/{key}/*v1/private/TEST/*Fully delete an extractor, including all versions


Extractor Entity

The extractor entity contains the following information:

_idUnique id for the extractor (or object id if this is not the latest version of the extractor)String
_typeThe type of the extractor - always VarExtractorString
categoryThe category of the extractorString
scriptA base64 encoded String of the entire script that created the extractorString
_oidThe id of the extractor - will match _id if this is the latest version of the extractorString
_timestampTimestamp of when this extractor version was createdString(DateTime)
_userThe user id (email) of the user that created this extractor versionString
_tagA list of version tag names for this extractor versionString[]
_versionThe version number of this extractor versionint