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Currency Service

A read-only service to find and retrieve public and private currencies

Currency REST API

The Currency REST API is a read-only API allowing you to search and filter currency pairs and accessed through the following URL:

The API consists of the following calls:

GETGet the build information for this service
GET{release}/{source}'v1/public' 'v1/private'List public or private currency pairs
GET{release}/{source}/{key}v1/private/TESTRetrieve a single currency pair


Currency Pair

The currency pair entity is an object of type #ForeignExchange and contains (at least) the following information:

_idUnique id for the currency pair object (or object id if this is not the latest version)String
_typeThe type of the entity - always #ForeignExchangeString
_linksAn object containing object link informationObject
_accessThe data role for access control of this currency pairString
baseThe base currency codeString
currencyThe currency codeString
sourceThe code for the currency providerString

General Queries

Listing currency providers

In order to get a list of the currency providers, you can use the _distinct query parameter on either the public or private currency pairs, e.g.

Listing base currencies for a provider

To get a list of base currencies for a provider, you can filter the source and use the _distinct query parameter on the base property, e.g.

List currencies for a provider

To get a list of currencies for a specific base currency from a provider.

List currency pair ids for a provider

To get a list of object ids for a provider.

Get the spot currency pair data for a specific currency from a provider

This query will get the TimeSeries data for EUR/GBP from ECB